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A swimming pool's filter system does the heavy lifting in keeping the water clean, but it takes chemistry to do the fine-tuning. It's important to carefully manipulate the chemical balance in pools for several reasons:

- Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water.
- A pool filled with untreated water would be a perfect place for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another.
- Water with the wrong chemical balance can damage the various parts of the pool.
- Improperly balanced water can irritate the skin and eyes.
- Improperly balanced water can get very cloudy.

To take care of pathogens in the water, you have to introduce a disinfecting agent that will get rid of them. The most popular pool disinfectant is the element chlorine, in the form of a chemical compound such as calcium hypochlorite (a solid) or sodium hypochlorite (a liquid). When the compound is added to the water, the chlorine reacts with the water to form various chemicals, most notably hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid kills bacteria and other pathogens by attacking the lipids in the cell walls and destroying the enzymes and structures inside the cell through an oxidation reaction. Alternative sanitizers, such as bromide, do basically the same thing with slightly different results.

Swimming pool, hot tub and spa water treatment using effective Swimming Pool and Spa chemicals is vitally important in order to keep your water in perfect condition.

First4Pools supply a large range of leading water treatment products that will ensure that your pool or spa remains in the best possible condition all year round.

Professional testing should be done 3 to 5 times each season. Professional testing will perform further tests usually not available to consumers: total chlorine versus free chlorine, cyanuric acid, acid demand, alkali demand, adjusted total alkalinity, calcium hardness, water temperature (makes a difference in overall water balance), total dissolved solids (TDS), iron, copper, QAC (quaternary ammonium compounds), or algicide level.

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